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Yaaay. 5 seconds of new Spider-Man ps4 footage x3
( 3:03 )
Lol.. I wanna play this gaaaame...
But well. Two things..
Firstly.. Is there really like.. some guy laying on the street (as Spidey falls down.. In front of that neon green car) or am I the only one who saw that? XD
And secondly.. If there are any other Spider-Man enthusiasts here.. What do you think about the wallrunning? Because so far it seems to like.. You always have Pete shoot a web, but instead of slinging on it he just lets it go and runs along the wall then.. Making me fairly certain that the wallrunning is triggered by the same button as the web slinging (as I said in my crappy Analysis video a few months ago already), same as in the The Amazing Spider-Man games.. And personally I kinda hated that honestly, because it took you the ability to traverse the city without using your webs.. Like you could do in Spider-Man 2, you know? Where you could just jump up buildings and scale skyscrapers within a few moments, jumping off, catching yourself on like a traffic light or pole or whatever, just before hitting the ground, and slinging yourself up in the air again..
That's simply a little sad to me.. But what do you think about it? owo
Dagnutos the sexy beast
That title though lol.
So well.. This is it for now..
However if anyone has a suggestion for a fitting background, I would probably like to try it out... I think it is time that I finally start to put more effort into my shit, and so I should get rid of my habit of doing all my stuffs without any background or something.
Then my gallery will probably start to look less boring...
Oh hello..
Requested by :icontherottenbody:

("N-No officer. Of course I am being a good girl. The bat is just an accessoire...")
I don't know lol. Hope you like it
... But that I am too lazy for... *sigh*
So yeah, I was tagged by :iconcalypso-art: and :iconkevin-nagano-wolfdog:
Two really great artists. Check them out if you have the time to.
But anyways.. So I guess I gotta do those things now.. to not be an asshole... just so I end up not tagging anyone myself because I am an anxious fuck and am certain that if I tag someone, he/she will hate me for the rest of his/her life.
So ... enjoy two "tag-someone-else-or-die letters" from me now I guess? Umm.. If what I type is non-sense, then that is because I am listening to music right now, and also singing along... so.. some words might get mixed into th-RULES OF NATURE!!!! Whoops. Excuse me.

Thing by :iconkevin-nagano-wolfdog: (because screw ladies-first)

1.- Favorite band or music genre?
Eh.. I don't really have a favourite band. For the past few years I think I've listened to nothing but soundtracks. Anime intros, instrumental athmospheric music, orchestral goodness...
I guess I overall enjoy rock a lot. Like.. hard rock.. Not the one with deep crappy voices essectially but.. I don't know.
Lol. I know shit about music.

2.- Have ya played not so know games?
Well.. Okami is not that popular. Or at least it never got the attention it deserved. So yes. I played Okami. Then that made me also play Okamiden and another title clover games brought out before they were closed and went on to make badassery like Metal Gear Rising Revenegance, Bayonetta and stuff as Platinum Games.
That game was a fun brawler called God Hand.
It is stupid as hell, but very good if you get past that. The fighting feels pretty amazing and it's so damn challenging that getting anything done well makes you feel awesome. There is also a lot of custumization when it comes to the moveset, so that was also neat ^^
Definitely check it out if you wanna try a different type of fighting game.

3.- Favorite quote from a musician or artist?
"*drools before jumping up of his sleep on the desk and looking at the teacher* Huh?" ~DestinySpider (every other day)

4.- What's do you do in your free time?
Hahaha xD Free time... *stares at his school, pulling a knife up to his wrists*
Well... I guess I try to draw something and play videogames.. I am boring and have no friends. What else am I supposed to do?

5.- Your opinion 'bout me?
Well. All that I know about you is that your art is gud...
So.. I think you're a good artist...
There isn't much else that I can say about you here, without making it be purely based on assumptions and the typical "Wow. You are so great. If you lived next door I'd get on all fours for you" stuff

6.- Favourite sport?
Didn't do sport in a long time... Crap! My abs are getting less visable!
Oh well. I guess it's karate and ..
I don't know... Karate it be (even though it is hard to enjoy it. I think simply working out is more fun)

7.- "Yare Yare Daze" or "OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU"?
I am not dead yet, so Yare Yare Daze I guess? 0.o

8.- Favourite TV series or Anime?
I don't have one. Some of my favourites though are
Avatar - The Last Airbender (The series. Not that fucking movie)
Death Note (first two thirds. The last third was.. very bad compared to the superb amazingness of the ones before it)
The Spectacular Spider-Man
Mr Bean (nostalgia!!!!)
.... I don't know. The list goes on for so long. I just don't really think it helps to count down everything.

9.- if is this your last day on the earth, what you'll do?
.... I thought about doing a joke about rapism... However that would probably backfire or something.
I guess I would gather my family around me and say goodbye to everyone though.
Then I would finish Zelda BotW and replay Okami one more time..
I would hug our dogs..
I would probably also try to do some shit in the end that I never was corageous to do tell one of the friends I had that I miss them.. or.. try myself on a flip.. Or.. simply try to get the best drawing done that I will ever put on paper through my lifetime..

As you can tell, I have no idea.
I would probably also cry for most of the time by the way..
And I will regret the times that I wanted to kill myself and finally see some worth in my life. Only that it then is too late for that.

10.- What do ya liek(like)?
... Well.. That is fairly unspecific.
I guess I like my pants...
And Spider-Man.
And Krystal.
And Dagnutos...
And.. A lot of other stuff

11.- What do ya Disliek?

12.- S I P P or S U C C ?
Sorry. I'm straight.

Haahaaa!! Just kidding! (I think)
I don't know what dis is about though. If it's about blowjobs then... nope-
If it is about drinking tea ...  nope

Wow. That was almost professional
I feel like I deserve a prize.
Make fanart of my feet pls, dear audience!!!

1. You have to post ALL the rules. 
2. Answer 12 questions that you've been asked, then create 12 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people. 
4. Screw it, you don't need to tag people
5. Read
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entry or a status update.

Here's :iconcalypso-art:'s thing now.


- Write the rules in your journal
- Write 13 things about yourself
- Answer the 13 questions from the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
- Tag 13 deviants, make sure they know they are tagged
- Don't write "You are tagged if you're reading this"
- No tagging back

Questions by calypso

1) Do you have a job?
Lol. I am only 3 years old. How in the world should I already have a job?
I am the maker of No Man's Sky and Five Nights at Freddy's. I don't need no job.
All the money just comes at me on it's own

2) What's your favourite movie?
... *sigh* Here we go again.
I don't think I have one.. No seriously... None.
I like quite many movies, but I simply can't make out any specific one. Sorry..
(I like Spider-Man 1 and 2 though, Hot Fuzz is great, Scott Pilgrim was nice, Avengers 1 was a fucking festival for the entire globe and I'll never get John William's scores to Star Wars and Harry Potter out of my head...)

3) What's your favourite colour /colour palette?        
Yet again.. I have no clue.
I like black, and I think it goes well with everything.
Hmm.. Then I am also a sucker for green, blue and red..
And white is cool...

4) Why do you like to make art?
I don't like it. I do it for the cash and da bitches.
Also I feel like it is .. like.. the only thing in live that I don't completely suck at or that I am still below average in.
So I try to tell myself that I am no waste of space by doing something not everyone can easily show me that they are so much better at.

5) Favourite drink?
Coca Cola...I think..
I don't know. Maybe it is simply water.
Nothing alcoholic at least. I hate alcohol. I don't get why people kill themselves with it, if it doesn't even taste well *inhales deeply on his cigarette*

6) Do you have any pets?
Yes... There weere quite many dying in the .. past few months..
However we still have 3 dogs and a cat... Wait... That's all? ;_;

7) What's your evening routine before going to bed?
Forget to brush teeth,
Forget to turn electronic devices off,
Groan upon looking at my timetable and all the homework that I didn't get to do yet,
Fall asleep on my desk,
(Then I want to kill myself when I wake up...)

8) Do you go outside a lot?
Bitch please. I am technically mother nature's son.
I always go outside, whenever I have the time to... Just that I don't have the time for it.. At all... Ever.

9) How do you get to school/work/university (or wherever you go every day)
I miss the bus and walk there.... *cough*
It is a little annoying.
I am always glad when I manage to still catch the bus.. that that is an achievement to me is kinda sad...... Especially since the fucking bus stop is right in front of our door!!!

10) How long have you been on DA?
My account just had it's first anniversary, exactly a week ago.

11) Are you currently in a relationship?
I miss having friends...
I feel like it could help..
And it would maybe even result in a relationship with a person for once..
Like.. someway..
I dunno.

12) Do you collect anything? (what?)
I collect my drawings...
I have all the shit I did the past few years lying at my right on my desk. My mom tells me that the weight of all that paper will bring the upper floor down one day...
Otherwise I don't think I really collect anthing though (Aside from bad grades in school).

13) Show me your favourite piece of art that you made :D (Big Grin)
.... That is hard... Wait a sec
Fuck it. I'll just post multiple stuffs:
.:Let's get going, shall we?:. by DestinySpider  Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by DestinySpider  Jade by DestinySpider  Okami - Taka Pass by DestinySpider  Sea Serpent Attack (with crappy water) by DestinySpider
(I fucking love Jade's design by the way)


So here are the 13 things I am supposed to write about myself (I'll just combine both of the thing for both of the people who tagged me here)...
Because.. this obviously isn't long enough yet:

I was put into school one year too early as I was very intelligent and stuff.. And still, even being one year younger than everyone else, I was at least in the top 2 of the smartest people in my class throughout the entire elementary school. (Wow. What a feat you fucking prick)

This only made it sadder that I failed so terrible at the Gymnasium (Something like a highschool for the brightest of the people in elementary school. You go there from 5th to 12th grade) after the first few grades I spent there.
It even got so bad that I failed class 9 and had to redo it.
By that I was at least in an "appropriate age class" now.

I got bullied a lot.. It's better now.
However that shit started all the way back in kidergarten and didn't stop till like .. 9th grade (first try).
Mostly I was just being called names and laughed at by every person around, but it wasn't rare for me to get beaten up.
I was often getting ganged up on by a minimum of 3 guys in kindergarten.. .. :/
In the first grade in school I was beaten unconscious once by two guys, and was woken up by the schoolbell.. my entire class and the teacher standing around me. That was embarassing.

I am not fully mentally stable .. I think.
I had it for more than one year (fairly recently) that I've had three voices in my head. One being mine, the other two being.. *** and another version of me.
It was weird. Very weird.
However it was fun.
I prefer it much more to hate myself and make jokes about myself than to hear other random people laugh about me.

I like drawing.. lol

I've had a lot of nightmares when I was younger. It was intense shit.
I always was scared as hell and those nightmares made me cry so damn often.. (wow. I'm such a pussy).
One I remember particularly well was a nightmare I had when I was maybe 3 or four 4 years old. (probably early 4).
I was getting chased down by some person who had all sorts of blades in his body. Like.. He had the blades of the knifes and swords under his skin.
He chased me and tried to kill me. I remember how I was hiding from him in some store and when I ran out we suddenly were on some columns and he trew blades at me that cut my flesh and made me bleed. I had to jump those 100 meter high columns down then and in the end I defeated him with a magic blanket....
It sounds less scary when put on paper..
It was fucking terrifying though. Believe me.
Then me and my brothers were often
(7. Ah yes. I have two little brothers)
kidnapped by some psycho who locked us in a cabin in the woods to kill us. I don't know why, but simply thinking of what that cabin looked like makes me terrifyied to no end..
And that fucking .. old guy was scary as hell...
And that dream with the zombies...
I don't know! I just fucking hated my nightmares. They were so scary and I was actually feeling pain when something happened to me in the dream. It never felt unreal to me when I was living through those nightmares... *sigh*

Now I can't dream anymore. And I miss my nightmares a lot ;_;
Because looking back at it I am quite surprised with which scenarios I came up with in my head, back then.
After all I was very young when I got all these. I wonder what I'd dream of today.

I am boring as fuck and don't know how to continue

I prefer to do traditional art over digital because I like the response the paper can give me. The lack of that is probably what makes my digital stuff so bad

I am very much interested in film.
In the past I always wanted to be an actor, but as I developed my social anxiety over time, I lost the courage to ever do so and got far more into cinematography and the stylistic devises to use.
Also I feel inspired to make up a compelling narrative myself one day.

I have a short attention span, I am lazy, and most importantly, I take information in super slowly. That probably being the reason why I fail so hard in life.
I can do whatever i want or try to learn whatever I want. I won't get it done. Even after hours of work I am mostly not as far enough as someone who simply read all the material once.

I have a hard time trusting people...
I am trying to get better with it.. More open minded... But it is .. I don't know. DeviantArt certainly helps..
I really appreciate it by the way that I somewhat have a little "fanbase" by now.. not that.. my watchers would really like me.. like.. as an "idol". But I feel like most are being honest when they say that they like a drawing of mine... and that feels good..


So.. That's it I guess?
I am too lazy now to tag anyone and especially to make up some questions.
So that was it with my tag-stuff-response.
If you'll excuse me now...
I need new fingers ;-;


DestinySpider's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Bio writing time. I mean. It isn't like I am doing this more than 9 months to late.

Heyo. I am Cédric, but you can also just call me Tom, because my name sucks ass... Or you call me DestinySpider ... Or you just type your sentences in a way so that my name mustn't be mentioned.

Umm well. I am a stupid student, with mild depression I'd say, no friends, and in general I am a lazy fuck who fails at life repeatedly.
So I am pretty much the usual kind of teenage looser.
Just that I wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider yet.

I am an .. anthro artist mostly, for some reason, and always try to improve (like I should, so why did I even mention this?).
I am very much into videogames, superheroes, comics, movies and other stuff.
I also love animals.
And I love critical people ^^ (Not assholes I mean, but people who constructively tell you on how to improve)

Spider-Man is a character that means really much to me, for my way of being and also for me .. journey as an "artist". I did draw him as long as I can remember, and through him I always was super into arts, trying to one day be as good as some of the artists from the comics I love so much.
So I was mostly programmed to draw males for all my life.
That suddenly changed when I found out about an fluffy angel named Krystal.
And after I was done with looking at her as a beautiful cutie, by doing some research, I fell in waifu love QwQ (or something)
So I kinda became obsessed with learning female anatomy, so I could draw her, and one day, try to do this poor creature, that was so terribly mistreated, some justice.
By doing that I now am about equal with drawing males and females I guess.. which I am proud of, because I can tell you, before 2015, my females looked like dogshit.
So yeah... I love Krystal
And I also have a deep passion for Okami and the The Legend of Zelda franchise ^^
Umm.. Well.
Via Krystal I also got more and more into this anthro scene, and now I am almost a full on anthro artist, even going as far as to create OCs and some shit, so.. That is interesting.

Name: ... I won't tell you my full name. Leave me alone
Gender: *checks his pants* Male
Nationality: German
Age: Haha... No.. No.. Know that I am younger than 18 though
Birthday: 23.09. (and get this. On an 23.09. Starfox Adventures came out. So Krystal and I kinda have the same birthday X3)
Size: Um.. 6'1 feet .. Or like 1,86 meters
Body build (or whatever it's called): I am a slim fuck, even though I stuff myself full of food whenever I get my hands on it. (All sorts of sweets and big, tasty sandwiches with much mayonnaise owo)
Skin colour: White I guess... very white... I seriously need to get out of my room a little more often
Hair colour: Dark blonde
Eye colour: Fairly grey-blueish.. sadly. My eyes were more blue before. I even was said to have Husky-like eyes ;w; But now not anymore I guess
Sexuality (because that is also important I guess): Straight (I think.)
(But I can be super gay for you if you are kind enough to me ;3)

Umm... I also have an FurAffinity account now ... I think:…

(Damn.. What a long text. And still it is simply a crappy mess. But guess I can't get anything done well anyways.
Hope I didn't waste too much of your time)


DestinySpider has started a donation pool!
245 / 10
... Umm ... I just want to try this out ^^;
These points seem to have a sense and .. I dunno. My page won't look as empty with this here.

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